Call for Papers has ended!

Submissions were accepted until August. 31st, 2019


The 5th Annual WinOps (DevOps on Windows) conference will be held in London on the 23rd and 24th of September 2019 and we need YOU to come and share the lessons you've learnt in implementing DevOps in Microsoft & Windows-based environments.

Take a look at some possible talk ideas

Speaker Package

We know speakers are key to the success of a conference and hope you will submit a talk. In appreciation of your efforts, our speaker compensation package includes a full conference pass and a speakers dinner prior to the event.

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Diversity Matters!

WinOps is committed to creating a conference that is as inclusive as possible. We want to showcase talent available around the U.K. and welcome international submissions as well.

We are also committed to ensuring the conference is a place where ideas are exchanged, old friends get together, new friends meet and harassment is not tolerated. We expect speakers, attendees and sponsor representatives to be professional and courteous to each other. We reserve the right to remove, without refund, ANY attendee (speaker or otherwise) who is unable to adhere to this policy.

WinOps is on 23/09/2019 to 24/09/2019 in London

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